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We promptly take your calls from our new, state-of-the-art Call Center and are prepared to identify all of the opportunities that may be important to the prospective patient that your hospital or healthcare system may provide.

And, we'll give each caller the courtesy you expect from your own staff.

Physician Referral
Listening to the caller's needs, we will match patients with your physicians that meet their selection criteria. Our experienced call representatives take calls in English and Spanish.

Web Referrals
Your physician database can also be included on your website via hyperlink to our service center for Internet referrals.

Class Registration (with credit card payment option)
We will register callers for classes at their request or through our "cross-sell" program present them with class opportunities that may be of interest to them when that may not be the primary reason for their call.

Class Web Registration (including credit card payment option)
Register for classes via your hospital Website including credit card payment and an e-mail response with payment reciept.

Community Services
We will also "cross-sell" other healthcare services you offer to the community making the caller aware of your unique healthcare programs, support groups, special events or other information and resources that are available to them.

Reports on your referral activities are available via the Internet, any time you want them.

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